Selecting Golf Equipment that Compliments You and Your Swing – 4 Tips for Making the Best Choice

Tip #1 – Ignore The Hype – Pay Attention To Your Needs!As a recreational golfer, you probably don’t pay that much attention to the golf equipment that you buy. Industry has a way to hype its sales pitch by its marketing gurus and most recreational buyers pay attention to the hype instead of their own needs.Today’s equipment has certainly come a long way and shafts, club heads and balls certainly do perform the way that the makers claim. However, the secret is finding a club maker and/or a club fitter that knows you and your swing and can recommend the right equipment for you.Tip #2 – Let Your Clubs Fit YOU!Whether you are 5-foot-6 or 6-foot-6, the average golf club will not be right for you. The lie and loft will change dramatically due to arm and leg length. Finding a good club maker or club fitter that understands these requirements can DRASTICALLY shave strokes off your scorecard.

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In relation to this, statistics show that the average family has 2.4 children. Well I have never seen two-fifths of a child! With that said, just what is the average person? Again, now you can see why it is imperative that you fit the clubs and the clubs fit you!Tip #3 – Decide On Your Price And Find A Pro!Price is most definitely a factor when purchasing new or used clubs. It is of NO use buying expensive clubs and the shaft is the wrong length or stiffness/flex or conversely buying ‘cheap’ clubs when your game is of good quality.The idea is to have the clubs compliment your specific swing and swing speed. There are subtleties in the making and matching of your golf clubs – swing weight, loft and lie, graphite or even steel. Also, there are different textured grips which can be matched to fit the size of your hand or fingers producing a better bio-mechanical action.We all have different swing speeds, different swing paths and planes. We are all of different muscle strengths and of course body types. Decide what price range you can realistically afford and find a pro/coach/instructor that can set you up with a set of clubs that will produce the BEST for you. I cannot stress enough that it is ultra important to get the matching equipment for you. Some people are short and some people are tall…choose the right equipment and begin to watch your game improve and lower your scores.

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Tip #4 – Use A Lower Spin-Rate Ball!Today’s golf ball has advanced with technology. Different spin rates and cover materials have allowed the golfer to actually choose a ball that suits both his/her game and the conditions he/she
plays in.The slicer and hooker can get more distance and straighter shots by using a lower spin rate ball. Cover materials allow for more feel when chipping and putting. There are even tools that will use centrifugal force and a marker pen to produce an ‘equator-type’ line on the ball that aids in alignment and ‘trueness’ of the roll of the ball.Advancement in equipment is good…make it GOOD for you by selecting the right equipment to enhance your game!